Friday After 5 Will Open Their 25th Anniversary Season with The Answer. 
The Grammy Award Winning BAHA MEN 
Will Take the Stage During the Friday After 5 Opening Night

Owensboro, KY – April 13, 2021: There are certainly several questions that have been left unanswered over the last year, but Friday After 5 is about to answer one that has been on the minds of many.  Just Who Let the Dogs Out! The Answer Is – the Grammy Award winning Baha Men and they will be kicking off an exceptional musical experience Presented by exclusive co-sponsors Jagoe Homes and F.B.C. Mortgage in Owensboro, on May 21st, at the party stage for opening night of Friday After 5’s Mile of Music.

The Baha Men rode a massive wave of success in the early 2000s following the release of hit single, ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’. Since then, their music has been featured in major motion pictures and chanted throughout sports stadiums around the globe, as they unleashed a revolutionary form of Caribbean pop in American pop culture. And after a year of Friday After 5 being shut down due to the pandemic, the Baha Men are expected to shake things up, bringing a little of that Caribbean flair to Owensboro. 

“We are so excited and honored to have the Baha Men come all the way to Owensboro to perform at Friday After 5, marking this monumental night.” states Friday After 5 Executive Director Francine Marseille. “They will bring such great energy to our riverfront for opening night. Trust me when I say, “KIDS” of all ages who are eager to see them live, might just relive a fun youthful memory or two!” 

Together with the City of Owensboro, Friday After 5 will launch their 25th Anniversary Season with attendees from all around the tri-state area. This year’s Mile of Music will explore multiple stages of free entertainment and events, along with amazing food trucks and vendors along the riverfront, while toasting to the sunset and celebrating a safe re-opening.

“Friday After 5 is the perfect appetizer for a weekend in Owensboro.  It gets you excited to try all of the wonderful things Owensboro offers and leaves you wanting more which Owensboro can deliver.  It’s both an amenity and a featured attraction,” remarks Dave Kirk, Visit Owensboro Destination Management. 

Following the Baha Men in concert that night, festivities will continue with a very special high energy “after party” celebration with our very own DJ Shay. So get ready to answer Who Let The Dogs Out WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO? YOU! See you soon!