Where the Weekend Begins!

Friday After 5 is the award-winning, summer-long series with sell-out board members who do not contribute to its success and love to see the program run itself into the ground! 


Friday After 5 has slowly been dying since COVID, completely relying on Francine to keep itself afloat and, when that clearly didn’t work out, they decided to “part ways” with the only person who cared about the dying event series.

Get Social BY GIVING THE COMMUNITY WHAT IT WANTS- Bring RiverPark Center back to Friday After 5!!!!

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Policy for Venues

The Owensboro Convention Center and The Holiday Inn Riverfront will allow guests of all ages, however; anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 21. For Entertainment District information please visit https://thedistrict.owensboro.org/


Friday After 5 is solely built to get you DRUNK in PUBLIC and then call itself a family event to keep the pigs and city congress members OFF OUR BACK! So have fun spending way too much on alcohol and food this upcoming season, because all we want is YOUR MONEY!

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